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SCANDI BREW SamplingThe samples taken from any production flow are not only extremely important. They must also be thoroughly reliable, as everyone needs to be able to have complete trust in the accuracy of the results. Only a high degree of accuracy provides a true picture of production quality – every time.

Repeat samples

One of the most important elements in building trust is the quality of the equipment used for taking samples. This equipment must ensure the ability to take repeat samples under sterile conditions – with no risk of secondary contamination. Therefore it is important to use a sample valve that can be sterilized and is easy to clean, both before and after taking each sample.

Sterile conditions

The SCANDI BREW® membrane sample valve and the centralized sampling system make it possible to take samples that are 100% representative under completely sterile conditions and to do so easily and safely.

Aseptic sampling

The SCANDI BREW® sampling product range includes also equipment for completely aseptic sampling – if so needed.

Ideal sampling conditions

Using a SCANDI BREW® centralized sampling system makes it easy and quick to take samples from both indoor and outdoor beer tanks avoiding the traditional catwalks or platforms that could give raise to work-related accidents or poor samples.

Documentation for SCANDI BREW Sampling

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