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IndiTop Valve Position Indicator

Accurate valve indication

For straightforward real-time monitoring, the IndiTop provides accurate visual indication of valve position and status as well as power-supply status through the use of light-emitting diodes. Its universal fit makes it a natural choice for valve indication of any Alfa Laval air-actuated sanitary valve.

With its streamlined, low-maintenance design, IndiTop is ideal for use in new and existing plants. IndiTop does not use any solenoid valves, but relies on the use of basic indication signals. Compatibility with all major PLC system having a digital PNP/NPN interface.

Valve cluster illustration caption: Combining the use of automated ThinkTop control heads and IndiTop valve position indicators provides a smart solution for cost-effective control of your plant.

Effective valve indicator

Reliable valve indication based on proven ThinkTop design contribute to process safety:

No-touch, set-and-forget sensor system.Detects both the condition and position of the valve stem with an accuracy of ± 1 mm. Set-up parameters are stored but, for greater flexibility and ease of operation, can easily be re-programmed.
Pre-set tolerance band. No manual adjustment of feedback sensors is required. Valve tolerance bands with preconfigured default setting of ±5mm ensure operational reliability on any Alfa Laval sanitary valve.
Two PNP/NPN feedback signals offer basic functionality to indicate energized and de-energized main valve positions. The PNP/NPN interface are selected by connecting one appointed wire to either the plus or minus terminal.

Sturdy and durable

With its hardy hygienic design, IndiTop ensures the effects of physical impact, pollution, frost, UV radiation and temperatures up to 80°C while supporting continuous production.

Completely watertight and IP66/IP67-compliant, IndiTop prevents water condensation and the penetration of dust, water and other particles into the unit. The unit can be hosed down with water or cleaning fluid without putting important settings at risk. This contributes to maximum hygiene and effectively eliminates problems associated with corrosion and external contamination.

Documentation For IndiTop Position Indicator

PD Sheet – IndiTop 8-30 VDC-VAC – EN

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