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Schmidt/ Sigma Heat Exchanger Spares

We offer NON-OEM, cost effective Generic gaskets and plates for Schmidt/ Sigma brand of heat exchangers.

  • Cost effective.
  • Fast, efficient turn around times.
  • 12 month guarantee, subject to correct usage.
  • Expert advice and after sales service.


Sigma 9 Sigma 26 Sigma 27
Sigma 29 Sigma 37 Sigma 66
Sigma 76 Sigma 114 Sigma 64
Sigma M7 Sigma M13 Sigma M19
Sigma M25 Sigma M26 Sigma M29
Sigma M35 Sigma M36 Sigma M55
Sigma M56 Sigma M66 Sigma M76
Sigma M96 Sigma M106 Sigma M136
Sigma M149 Sigma M156 Sigma M229

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