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Press Release: high-performance brazed plate heat exchanger

Models in the new generation of brazed plate heat exchangers from heat transfer technology leader Alfa Laval may look very similar to other units, but inside it’s a completely different story. Innovative design improvements have given the new range much higher performance in terms of thermal efficiency, resulting in energy and cost savings for customers.

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Now offering Atex Pumps

“Explosive proof versions”

of LKH, SRU and SX!

We can now offer the LKH, SRU and SX
pumps supplied with an ATEX symbol which
ensures that they are classified for use in
potentially explosive atmospheres


These pumps conform to the design requirements for use in areas endangered by potentially explosive atmospheres created by the presence of flammable gases, vapours and dusts. Read more…

Mechinox Feature on Engineering News

Rising energy costs, paired with demand for renewable-energy sources, have spurred growing demand for energy recovery through the efficient use of heat exchangers, says transfer, fluid separation and sanitary fluid-handling design and supply company Mechinox South Africa (SA) owner and chief engineer Forrester de Beer.

SEE FULL ARTICLE:Supplier notes growing demand for energy, heat efficiency – engineeringnews_co_za_article_supplier-notes-growing-demand-for-energy-and-heat-efficiency-2012-08-

Case Story: Mixing Smoothies With Rotary Jet Mixer

Mixing smoothies
The challenge when mixing smoothies is to obtain a stable and homogeneous mixture of high-viscosity fruit purées and the fresh-pressed high-fibre juice.

British company the Serious Food Company, producer of juice, desserts and smoothies.
Problem The Serious Food Company wanted a system that, Read more…

Alfa Laval: More Efficient Fermentation

Increasing capacity was the driving factor behind the decision for Danish brewing company, Royal Unibrew, to invest in Alfa Laval’s Iso-Mix rotary mixing technology. Following a series of trials, the brewery installed the Iso-Mix system in six of its 5,000 hectolitre fermentation vessels at its Faxe plant, Read more…

PHE Press Release

The need for efficient cooling is expanding rapidly all over the world. In emerging industrial economies – like China and India – economic growth and an explosive development of vast consumer markets generate needs for new solutions at a frantic pace. In the Middle East, Dubai has the fastest market growth in the world. In the Western hemisphere, a rising tide of environmental concerns call for fresh approaches – often under the pressure of increasingly strict legislation. Read more…

Environmental Product Declaration

Plate heat exchanger
Flow principle of a plate heat exchanger Alfa Laval endeavours to perform its own operations as cleanly and efficiently as possible, and to take environmental aspects into consideration when developing, designing, manufacturing, servicing and marketing its products. It does this by identifying the significant environmental impacts of its products and operations and taking appropriate measures to reduce them. Read more…

Integrated valve control and automation

Unique Control for LKB butterfly valves is a new way to control and operate a valve, consisting of an integrated automation unit and actuator. Quick and easy to install, it eliminates the need for separate automation units, and offers unmatched control, durability and hygiene. Flow automation has never been easier or more dependable. Read more…

AC Series – Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

AC series

Unlike traditional heat exchangers, the brazed plate heat exchanger consists solely of surfaces that make an active contribution to heat transfer. Read more…