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Thermal desalination / Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) & Zero Liquid discharge (ZLD) technologies

Water contaminated with:

  • Salts and Brine
  • Landfill leachate
  • Certain acids
  • Oils or emulsions
  • Caustic soda or other cleaning chemicals
  • Waste from industrial processes

that would traditionally clog up or pose problematic operation to treat with reverse osmosis technologies can be treated or purified by means of thermal desalination.

Mechinox MVC unit - 12 000 litres/ day

Mechinox MVC unit – 12 000 litres/ day

Mechinox MVC unit - 600 000 litres/ day

Mechinox MVC unit – 60 000 litres/ day

The process of a Mechinox mechanical vapor compression system:

  • Brine/contaminated water is drawn into evaporation chamber, by means of vacuum pump.
  • On start up the brine is heated by means of heating elements or steam to a set temperature.
  • The vacuum pump draws a vacuum on the evaporation chamber
  • The brine boils, releasing vapour, Only pure vapour is released
  • Vapour is drawn out of the vacuum chamber through a demister mesh to prevent entrained water droplets passing through
  • Vapour passes through a plate condenser where it is condensed by the circulation of the contaminated brine back to the vacuum chamber, thereby transferring the energy from the vapour back into the brine
  • The vapour is now a pure distillate
  • The heat energy from the distillate is transferred to the new brine entering the vacuum chamber through a PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger)
  • Concentrated brine is discharged at regular intervals, which varies from application to application, and controlled by the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Fully Automated

Touch screen HMI display gives full control over MVC plant with Automatic mode as well as manual operational mode that include relevant built in safeties to allow for continuous, uninterrupted running, making it easy to start-up, operate and easy to CIP (clean-in-place)

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) by crystallizing

By taking it a step further, the highly concentrated brine blow down from MVC plant can be converted to solids and disposed of as solid waste, by Mechinox’s proprietary custom built rotary crystallizer technologies. (example below)

Drum driers can be steam charged or designed to be LFO (parafin or diesel) driven.

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