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Unique Single Seat Valve

Unique Single Seat ValveAlfa Laval Unique single seat valves (SSVs) are robust and reliable pneumatic seat valves that are supremely reliable and versatile.
Modularity provides cost-effective and nearly endless possibilities for purpose-built seat valves that meet high standards of hygiene. Configure the Unique SSV valve bodies, plugs and actuators to meet virtually any requirement.
Our Selection Guide illustrates the many combinations of features and types available with the Unique SSV valve range.
In the US and Canada the Unique 7000 corresponds to the Unique single seat valve.

Superior valve process safety

The Unique SSV range is built on a proven modular platform used on more than a million valves in service worldwide. Pressed from a single stainless steel disc, the valve body is extremely strong and durable, thus ensuring production safety. The enhanced performance of the actuator makes operation safer and more efficient.

Exceptional valve hygiene

The Unique SSV range is engineered to provide excellent hygiene and
cleanability. With a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8μm, the smooth, weld-free valve body eliminates crevices that can trap bacteria. The design of the plug supports enhanced cleaning-in-place capabilities, and a double-acting lip seal that minimizes any risk of cross-contamination.
Alfa Laval Unique SSV valves meet most hygienic standards requested in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries. The Unique SSV range is EHEDG-certified and authorized to carry the 3-A symbol. The range also provides full traceability in compliance with the EU Food Regulation 1935/2004.
Please refer to Documentation for more information.

Greater valve durability

To ensure high sealing quality, the Unique SSV range features defined compression of the O-rings with metal-to-metal contact between plug and seat. This significantly reduces wear and extends valve service life. The standard Unique SSV is supplied with a non-maintainable actuator that has a five-year warranty.

Low total cost of ownership

Thanks to its straightforward, reliable design, the Unique SSV range provides long service life, reduced product loss, greater product safety and more processing uptime. Few moving parts reduce service requirements and inventory costs. More effective CIP procedures with reduced cleaning cycles and, subsequently, the reduced use of cleaning fluids, water and utilities also contribute to the Unique SSV’s low total cost of ownership.

Unique single-seat valve range

The Unique SSV range comprises 10 purpose-built valve configurations. Modularity provides great flexibility to customize valves to your specific requirements.



Unique SSV valve (standard) for a broad spectrum of processing duties


Unique SSV reverse-acting valve


Unique SSV reverse-acting valve for use in applications where the flow direction does not allow the use of a standard Unique SSV valve to eliminate the risk of pressure shock.


Unique SSV aseptic valveUnique SSV aseptic valve for sterile process applications. A one-piece diaphragm provides hermetic sealing against intrusion from the atmosphere, ensuring full protection against the effects of microorganisms during processing.


Unique SSV tank outlet valvesUnique SSV tank outlet valves for installations that open into the tank (reverse-acting version) or close up against the tank (standard version).


Unique SSV ATEX valves


Unique SSV ATEX valves for intrinsically safe operation in potentially explosive environments.


Unique SSV Y-body valvesUnique SSV Y-body valves for use in installations that involve flows with large particles and/or high viscosity, and where the focus is on particularly gentle treatment of products and flows.


Unique SSV long-stroke valvesUnique SSV long-stroke valves for use where larger openings are required to provide gentler, more effective flow control such as in installations with media or products that contain particles and/or suspended solids and for high-viscosity flows.


Unique SSV tangential valvesUnique SSV tangential valves for use in tank openings, horizontally mounted drains and for wherever space restriction make it difficult to install valves at other angles.


Unique SSV two-step valvesUnique SSV two-step valves for use in dosing, two-stage filling where the focus is on ensuring an exact volume or for draining of two pipes at the same time. Adjustable lifting height makes it possible to match specific volumes and quantities.


Unique SSV manually operated valvesUnique SSV manually operated valves for shut off, tank outlet or straightforward regulating or dosing purposes that require small, relatively simple valves with many different options and features, including lockable handles.


Unique SSSV small single seat valves


Unique SSSV small single seat valves for use in sampling, CIP and other contexts where only small flow rates are involved.



Documentation for Unique Single Seat Valve

Unique Single Seat Valve
Instruction manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – Aseptic
Instruction manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – ATEX Standard
Instruction manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – Long stroke
Instruction manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – Manually Operated
Instruction manual – Unique Single seat valve – Standard and Reverse Acting
Instruction manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – Tank Outlet
Instruction manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – Two Step
Instruction Manual – Unique Single Seat Valve – Y-body
PD Sheet – Unique SSSV – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Aseptic – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV ATEX Standard – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV DN125 and DN150 – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Long Stroke – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Manually Operated Manually Regulating – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Reverse Acting – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Standard – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Tangential – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Tank Outlet – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Two Step – EN
PD Sheet – Unique SSV Y-body – EN
PD Sheet – Unique Single Seat Valve Aseptic – EN
PD Sheet – Unique Single Seat Valve Man. Operated + Regu – EN
PD Sheet – Valve Manifold – EN
Selection Guide – Unique SSV single seat valves

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