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Diaphragm Valve South Africa

The Alfa Laval Unique DV-ST UltraPure range consistently delivers documented, reliable, and contaminant-free performance.

High-quality valve bodies

Low delta-ferrite content valve bodies with specified sulphur content are standard for all forged and block valves.

  • Cast bodies are made from high-precision investment casting with low delta-ferrite content.
  • Two-way valves, including the ferrules for clamp end bodies, are made from a single piece of metal.
  • T- and Tank-outlet valves are available either machined from block or forged and welded.

The forged and welded valve bodies offer an economical lightweight alternative, which makes easy installation and efficient steam sterilization possible.

Wide range of well proven diaphragms
Alfa Laval’s broad range of well documented pharmaceutical grade diaphragms meet the requirements of FDA and USP classifications as well as TSE/ADI declarations. A high performance S2 EPDM diaphragm for continuous steam operation at temperatures up to 150 °C extends the lifetime of valves used in more demanding process environments.

Innovative actuator design
Compact and lightweight, the actuators enable easy conversion of the control function (NC-Air/Air-NO). The unique design also permits adjustments of the actuator spring pressure to optimize the sealing function and lifetime of the diaphragm. Over-closure protection for all handles used for manual operation ensures a defined closure pressure against the diaphragm and prolongs diaphragm lifetime as well. All steel parts are made of stainless steel.
Modular valve design

Create exactly the configuration you require. The Unique DV-ST UltraPure is constructed from a series of base parts that enables you to easily adapt the valve to the individual needs of a wide range of applications. See Documentation and How it works.

Automation and Control






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