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SPC Regulating Valves

SPC Regulating ValvesAlfa Laval offers two regulating valves: the SPC-2 and a aseptic version, the SPC-2A. These normally open regulating valves provide highly accurate control of pressure, flow, temperature and fluid levels in tanks and in steel pipe systems.

Advanced hygienic valve design

SPC-2 valves are ideal for high-volume sanitary process applications that require precision control. With a self-draining valve body, these valves are authorized to carry the 3-A symbol. Especially suitable for aseptic applications that require SIP (Sterilization in Place), the SPC-2 valves are fitted with PTFE diaphragms that prevent contamination from microorganisms and particles outside the product zone.

Extreme valve accuracy

The SPC-2 features an electro-pneumatic actuator with integrated IP converter and integrated positioner, which contribute to greater operational accuracy and reliability. SPC-2 valves are IP-54 certified for water, dust and shock resistance.

SPC valve range

The SPC-2 is based on modular components that enable the selection of different plug configurations to meet specific requirements. Normally closed valves are available upon request. For more information, please refer to Documentation.

Low maintenance requirements

Like all Alfa Laval valves, the SPC is constructed with few moving parts housed in the actuator for added wear protection. Its compact hygienic design contributes reduces the need for maintenance and makes disassembly, if required, quick and easy. Plus there are no loose springs to pose any safety risk when opening the valve.

Compliance with most hygienic standards

Alfa Laval SPC valves meet most standards requested in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries. Please refer to Documentation for more information.

Documentation for SPC regulating valves

Instructions manual – SPC2 – EN

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