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SMP Mixproof Valves

Alfa Laval SMP double-seal mixproof valves enable the flow of two different media through the same valve simultaneously without any risk of cross-contamination. This increases operating efficiencies and significantly reduces operating costs.

High application flexibility

Based on a modular structure, SMP mixproof valves have several valve bodies and components that can be combined in various ways. These self-draining mixproof valves can, for instance, be configured as stop valves and changeover valves.

Plus SMP mixproof valves are constructed from a series of base components, which enables valves to easily be configured to meet different requirements in sanitary and aseptic applications.

Simplified valve maintenance

Few moving parts, a top-loaded plug, a maintenance-friendly actuator make SMP mixproof valves easy to disassemble for quick, straightforward maintenance.

SMP mixproof valve range

The Alfa Laval SMP mixproof valve range offers two standard cost-effective alternatives to the premium Alfa Laval Unique mixproof valve range.

  • SMP-BC mixproof valve for applications that require additional safety, leak detection and CIP
  • SMP-BCA mixproof valve for aseptic applications

Documentation For Mixproof Valves

Instruction manual – SMP BCA Mixproof Valve – EN
PD Sheet – SMP-BC Mixproof Valve – EN
PD Sheet – SMP-BCA Mixproof Valve with PTFE Diaphragm – EN

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