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The Alfa Laval Flow Transmitter is designed to fulfill the demands of hygienic production. It is suitable for flow measurement in the Food, Beverage, Dairy and Biopharm industries.
It is constructed to be independent of variations in flow profile, presence of solids and even in changes in product viscosity.



  • Constructed to be independent of variations in flow profile, the presence of solids and even changes in product viscosity.
  • Suitable for Hygienic applications – No internal pressure drop. –
  • Robust and compact design. Temperature tolerant up to 115°C. Easy to mount, even in difficult applications.
  • Optimized for high accuracy and linearity. – Pre set-up from factory, ready for installation.
  •  Bidirectional, (can measure in booth flow directions).
  • No moving parts
  • no maintenance.

Measuring Range:

0 to 2000m3/hr

Output Puls output:

  • (0 to 1000Hz)
  • 4-20 mA (option)
  • Profibus DP (option)

How it operates:

The  Flow Transmitter consists of a metering pipe and two magnetic coils. When a current is applied to the coils a magnetic field is produced at right angles to the metering pipe. With a conductive liquid flowing through the metering pipe an electrical voltage is induced and measured by two electrodes mounted in the metering pipe. This voltage is proportional to the average velocity of flow and therefore to the volume flowing. The Flow Transmitter utilizes a square measurement chamber. The shape of the measurement chamber significantly reduces the influence of viscosity, type of liquid, and flow profiles and eliminates any need for re-calibration when changing product for instance from milk to water. The microprocessor in the transmitter controls the current generator keeping the magnetic field constant. The voltage across the electrodes is amplified and converted to a digital value from which the microprocessor calculates the liquid flow.
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