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Economical indication for valves

Alfa Laval indication units are cost-effective digital devices with up to two feedback signals that are mounted directly on the valve yoke, which provide feedback on the valve’s open/closed position. These valve position indicators (Side indicater and brackets) may be used on any Alfa Laval valve, but are especially competitive solutions for Alfa Laval SRC/ARC Single seat valves,and mixproof valves (brackets), and butterfly valves.
Four types of valve indications

Alfa Laval offers these standard valve position indicators for hygienic industries:


This lightweight, electromechanical device offers precision operation and long service life. Hermetically sealed within a corrosion-resistant housing, the micro-switch provides high durability and may be directly manipulated, which means only limited operational safety can be provided compared to newer, more advanced technologies.

Inductive proximity sensor

Based on principles of electromagnetic conductivity and metallic detection, this non-contact electronic sensor is inherently resistant to dust, humidity and oil in industrial environments. This increases operational safety and reliability.
Hall proximity sensor

Based on principles of electromagnetic conductivity and magnetic detection, this non-contact electronic sensor provides safe and accurate detection of valve position compared to conventional proximity sensors. It provides enhanced reliability and longer service life for valve position sensing in any operating environment.

Namur sensor

This inductive proximity sensor, complete with bracket for butterfly valves, requires minimal energy to operate. It is an ATEX-certified device designed for intrinsically safe applications and may be used in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Individual brackets and inductive sensors

Alfa Laval offers an extensive portfolio of brackets and inductive sensors for use with any Alfa Laval valve that requires special support or an alternate sensing interface.

Documentation For Indication Units

Automated valve control and monitoring
Indication Unit IM00050EN
PD Sheet – Indication Units for LKB – LKLA – EN

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