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Tubular heat exchangers


Designed for point-of-use cooling in the pharmaceutical industry, the Pharma-X tube-in-tube heat exchanger eliminates the risk of contamination between the product and cooling media.

It consists of three discrete tubes arranged one within the other, curved through 180ยบ to create a bend that takes up thermal expansion.

The Pharma-X heat exchanger can be used in many application areas, including point-of-use cooling on WFI (Water For Injection) ring mains, cooling/heating of pure water in the pharmaceutical industry and cooling/heating of distilled water/WFI for processing equipment.


pharmaline heat exchangerPharmaLine is a shell-and tube heat exchanger that provides full drainability and prevents the risk of cross-contamination. Its bundle of seamless, electropolished tubes handles the flow of product media, with service media running outside the tubes in a cross-flow.

Since the unit is flexible in design, size and material, it can be used in any hygienic application with high demands. Typical PharmaLine uses include point-of-use cooling on WFI (Water For Injection) ring mains, heating of WFI and product cooling and condensing.

Product Manuals

Viscoline – The tubular heat exhanger range PDF 1.5megabytes

Viscoline Monotube unit PDF 78KB

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