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Swimming Pool Heating

Swimming pool water heating. Simple, strong, compact and highly reliable, the AquaPool is designed to efficiently reheat and maintain temperature of water in swimming pools of all dimensions and capacities from primary heat source such as
boiler, solar installation, heat pump etc.

Standard design
Complete packaged module including:
Stainless steel or titanium plate heat exchanger, for operation
with sea water or slightly corrosive water (balneo-therapy,
thermal spring water), EPDM clip-on gaskets.
Primary circuit:
– Single headed pump, electrically wired
230 V / 1PH/ 50 Hz, with built-in winding overload protector
– Isolation valves on primary inlet and outlet
– Non return valve on primary pump outlet
– Black steel pipe work, epoxy painting coated
Secondary circuit:
– PVC pocket for electronic controller temperature sensor
– 2 PVC three-piece connectors for swimming pool circuit
Electrical panel: IP 55 plastic control box including:
– Electronic controller, with front mounted display
– On/off switch
– Power on light
– Terminal block
AquaPool is fully assembled, electrically wired, pressure tested
and calibrated at the factory prior to dispatch.

AquaPool Swimming pool heating system

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