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Steel and coke oven gas

Alfa Laval design and develop innovative solutions for the steelmaking industry, from steel production to coke oven gas processing. We know the impact of downtime on your bottom line, so our equipment is reliable and resilient, requiring reduced maintenance and eliminating unscheduled downtime.

In the intensely competitive market of steelmaking there is no room for glitches. With over 50 years of experience, Alfa Laval provides reliable, cost-effective technologies, industry-specific process expertise and outstanding service.

Alfa Laval technologies increase operational efficiency and profits, offering rapid returns on your investment.

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The enormous amounts of heat consumed in steel-making make thermal efficiency and heat recovery vital for quality, production and profitability. Alfa Laval’s components are reliable, resilient and compact, reducing cost, maintenance and downtime.


Coke oven gas processingCoke oven gas processing
Alfa Laval’s equipment is designed to handle the highly corrosive and fouling environments involved in coke oven gas processing. We provide solutions for every stage of the process, from cooling to coal tar clarification and benzene condensing.

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