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Mining and mineral processing

We provide highly efficient and durable solutions for mining, mineral processing and pigment production. Our products are specifically designed for the heating, cooling and separation of mineral slurries, for condensing, evaporation and dewatering and for complex separation duties, solvent extraction and electrowinning processes.

Coping with the highly corrosive and fouling environments involved in mining and mineral processing demands solutions that are resilient, resistant to corrosion and fouling, and specifically designed for the mining industry.

The reliability and resilience of Alfa Laval’s heat transfer solutions are matched by our process expertise and thermal efficiency know-how, saving megawatts of energy and boosting your profitability and positive environmental profile.

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Heat generated in the digestion, evaporation, liquor heating and other energy-intensive processes in alumina production are captured and reused in other parts of the process.



Alfa Laval heat exchangers capture the significant amounts of heat generated by the energy-intensive processes in copper production, reusing them in other phases of the process and reducing energy consumption, costs and maintenance.


Alfa Laval heat exchangers improve thermal efficiency and minimize energy costs by capturing and reusing heat generated in nickel processing. Their sophisticated design reduces cleaning and downtime and handles highly corrosive and errosive media with ease.

The aggressive media and complex separation processes in pigment production demand reliable, resilient equipment with low fouling tendencies. Our highly efficient solutions reduce energy, cost and maintenance, meeting your needs with flying colours.

Alfa Laval’s expertly engineered heat transfer and separation solutions optimize processes and profits in every phase of uranium production, from heating and cooling, leaching and thickening to solvent extraction, precipitation and enrichment.

Our heat transfer solutions improve thermal efficiency and minimize energy costs by recovering and reusing heat generated in the process. Our equipment reduces maintenance and downtime and handles highly corrosive media with ease.

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