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What are heat exchangers?

Heat exchangers are pieces of mechanical machinery designed for the efficient transfer of heat energy, usually from one fluid to another in a process to either conserve energy, or to achieve a desirable outcome such as heating a fluid to a specified temperature in many engineering processes that are used today.

What is a Counter flow heat exchanger?

Counter flow heat exchangers are designed in such a way that fluid enters from opposite sides; this form of design transfers the greatest amount of heat and is thus the most efficient.

What is a cross-flow heat exchanger?

It is a heat exchanger that is designed in such a way that heat is exchanged by fluid that flows in a perpendicular fashion.

What Data Do you need to size a Heat exchanger?
Is the Heat exchangers a water-to-water, steam-to-water, oil-to-water, steam-to-steam

Flow rate in:
Temperature of flow rate in:
Pressure of flow rate in:

Flow rate out:
Temperature of flow rate out:
Pressure of flow rate out:

Do you only offer Heat Exchangers?
No, we are able to supply you prices on a large range of Alfa Laval products, Including:
Pharmaceutical valves
and more

Why do we need to buy from you, if we can go directly to Alfa Laval?
Mechinox cc is an authorized distributor of Alfa Laval heat exchangers and service parts in the western Cape, We work in conjunction with Alfa Laval and offer the same prices (if not slightly less)

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